For more than 50 years, this series from Great Britain has entertained us through time and space. 12 doctors and counting, and with a resurgence in the past 10 years, each season takes us on an adventure through our own past, fictional history, and a future yet to be.

Whether you have seen all the classics, or fell in love with David Tennant, we have curated a collection of Doctor Who t-shirts for fans of all ages.

Take your timey-whimey browsing through the fantastic designs, but whatever you do, don’t blink!

Doctor Who T-shirts designs you may find:
  • Time Lord T-Shirts
  • TARDIS T-Shirts
  • David Tennant T-Shirts
  • Matt Smith T-Shirts
  • Bad Wolf T-Shirts
  • Amy & Rory T-Shirts
  • River Song T-Shirts
  • Dalek T-Shirts
  • and more!

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